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Blue Personal Objects


By 2024, the company has established a stable position in supplying 30 to 40% manpower to various companies in target areas.

By 2024, the company is self-sustaining and has growth in its administrative staff and financial status.
60 to 70% growth in its administrative staff.

By 2024, the company has 30% to

40% profit.




At GBM, with Integrity helps us learn and grow the best version of ourselves by upstanding character traits and work ethics including sound judgement, honesty, dependability, and loyalty.

We believe in doing the right thing by, and for, our staff, our clients and their customers, our communities, every time.

We will always do our part to care for people, make contributions to our communities, and drive positive changes around the world through our sustainability commitments.

To be conscientious, willing to do the right thing even when it is difficult.

And that is GBMercado Manpower Recruitment Agency is all about.


We envisioned ourselves to be the

gold standard of service providers.

To be the gold standard of service provider.

Dedication - to work

Compassion - to company and client

Integrity - honest with high moral principles



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